CHP Niğde Deputy Fethi Gürer asked: Minister Kirişçi answered

Republican People’s Party (CHP) Niğde Deputy Ömer Fethi Gürer, By addressing all aspects of the negative picture that emerged after the privatization of 10 sugar factories in 2018; brought the grievance of consumers, producers and factory workers to the agenda of the Parliament with a written question addressed to the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.


CHP Deputy Ömer Fethi Gürer reminded in his motion that the privatization tenders of 14 sugar factories belonging to Türkşeker were held in 2018, 4 tenders were canceled and 10 factories were sold through privatization, Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Vahit KirişçiHe asked the following questions in writing:

“Why did the targets envisaged in privatization yield the opposite result?

The beet producer was not protected, employees were not prevented from losing their jobs, sugar prices doubled, and a supply problem arose. Privatization is an important factor in the formation of this process. For this reason, has an investigation been initiated about the bureaucrats who have led to the conclusion of privatization without a realistic evaluation and research?

Is nationalization of privatized factories considered?

Is a regulation being considered to apply the quota as 10 percent in factories privatized for beet producers?

Considering that TÜİK stated that there will be 19 million 500 thousand tons of beet production in 2021, and that 2 million 700 thousand tons of sugar production is sufficient for our country, it was announced by the ministry that sugar production was realized for 2022 until December 2021, while the stocks were sufficient until August 2022. happened?

Considering the purchase price of sugar beet in 2021, which data were determined based on the sugar increase of the product from which molasses, alcohol, pulp and sugar is obtained?


Responding to CHP Deputy Gürer’s motion, Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Kirişçi claimed that the sugar factories that were privatized in 2018 were producing at full capacity. Stressing that sugar production and producer rights are guaranteed for 5 marketing years in accordance with the signed asset contracts, Kirişçi said that the total sugar quotas in the country; Within the framework of Article 5 of the Regulation on the Regulation and Implementation of Sugar Quotas; He explained that it is determined by taking into account the domestic sugar demand, the domestic sugar sales amount, the country’s sugar production capacity, the sugar stock status, the population growth, foreign trade information and other factors affecting sugar consumption.


Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Kirişçi also stated that inspection and inspection activities were carried out and necessary precautions were taken in order to increase the supply of sugar in the sugar market, to contribute to price stabilization and to take measures against stocking activities, and to the related article of the Sugar and Raw Materials Regulation regarding the astronomically increasing sugar prices. referring to, “Sugar sales prices are freely determined by real and legal persons operating sugar factories. In determining prices, costs, world stock prices, domestic prices, supply-demand balance, speculative effects and other related issues are taken into account. has a provision. The price of by-products produced from sugar beet also occurs under free competition conditions in the market. made a statement.


CHP Niğde Deputy Ömer Fethi Gürer stated that with the privatization of 10 public sugar factories in 2018, no free price was applied in sugar.While the factories were being privatized, the Privatization Administration had prepared a report that the sugar factories would turn into more modern facilities, the efficiency would increase, the competition would increase, the sugar would become cheaper and the workers working in the sugar factories would provide more income. 10 sugar factories were sold. After the sale of the factories, sugar did not become cheaper, it reached the citizens at exorbitant kilo prices. Even if it goes on like this, low-income access to sugar will also be a problem.” made its assessment.


To Minister Kirişçi, “Who determines the sugar prices of private factories” CHP Niğde Deputy Gürer stated that he also asked questions as follows: Minister Kirişçi pointed out that they could not intervene in the prices of private sector sugar factories, because as per the agreement, private sugar factories could sell sugar at any price they wanted. This situation; Gürer said that Türkşeker was able to determine the price of beet bought from the farmer, but could not interfere with the sale price of sugar. “While Turkish sugar can sell sugar for 17 liras per kilo, private factories can sell sugar up to 30 liras. What happens happens to the citizen” he said.


Emphasizing that the release of the sugar price will cause problems for the citizens to access sugar, Gürer said:In addition, since sugar prices double, the price of every product made of sugar in the industry also increases. In order to prevent the rise in sugar prices, import is not a solution, factories must be prevented from selling sugar at high prices. Otherwise, the citizen will buy sugar twice as much as he has given to sugar today.” said.

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