Stabbed two friends of his ex-wife in Kadıköy: He was taken into custody after 3 hours

İlhan A., who learned that they got divorced in June in a house on Kurudere Street in Suadiye Mahallesi, around 11:00 on Wednesday, 31 August, came to the house where they lived together with his ex-wife. Here, İlhan A., who saw his ex-wife Melike Ö. carrying goods with her two friends, intervened.


The argument escalated into a fight. During the fight, İlhan A. stabbed two of Melike Ö’s friends. In the incident where Melike Ö. escaped unharmed, İlhan A. locked himself in the house. Police, firefighters and paramedics were dispatched to the scene.

The first aid was given at the scene and the two injured were taken to the hospital. The condition of the injured was stated to be good. Police teams tried for a long time to convince İlhan A., who locked himself in the house.


There were lively minutes after the person who locked himself in the house escaped to the next building. Police teams took extensive security measures around the building. After the hustle and bustle, it was understood that İlhan A. was in the flat.

Ahmet Karapinar, “He enters the house while his wife is inside. He injured one of his wife’s friends on his face. He locked himself in the house and said he would not go out, he would throw myself out” he said.

After opening the door with the help of a locksmith, İlhan A. was taken into custody as a result of persuasion efforts that lasted for about 3 hours. The suspect was taken to the Bostancı Police Station.

İlhan A., Melike Ö. It was learned that the couple had two children and they were not at home at the time of the incident. Police investigation into the incident continues.

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