Another cover for festival cancellations: ‘For the safety of citizens’

While the governorships make a new prohibition decision for festivals or concerts every day, the decisions continue to be brought to the agenda of the Parliament.

Eskişehir Governor’s Office announced on 9 May for 15 days; With the guidance of Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu, it responded to the motions submitted to the Presidency of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey regarding the ban on all kinds of activities such as marches, sit-ins, concerts and festivals. Responding to the criticisms that the ban decision “interferes with people’s lifestyles”, the governor’s office argued that “rather than banning all activities, illegal actions are prevented by evaluating duly requests, and the said bans aim to hold the activities in a safe environment”. In its response to the motion, the governor’s office asserted that “these decisions are not taken to interfere with the lifestyle, but to protect the lifestyle and safety of the citizens.”


In its response to the motion regarding the cancellation of AnadoluFest, which was supposed to be held at the time of the ban, the Governor’s Office said that “events are subject to permission in order to ensure public order, prevent crime, and protect the rights and freedoms of others, and the organizers of the festival have started selling tickets before the necessary permit processes are concluded”. For this reason, the governor’s office, which argued that those who wanted to attend the event were “victimized” by the organizers of the festival, explained that “therefore, in such cases, unlawful acts that could be the subject of crimes such as fraud were laid, and the cancellation decision was taken within this scope.”

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