Employees of Keçiören Municipality from AKP marched on the citizens saying ‘you can’t drink here’

from AKP Kecioren Municipality2 personnel working in; to citizens drinking in a car parked in a park, saying they are ‘looking at the park garden’This is a municipal park. You can’t drink here‘ he intervened.

According to the news in BirGün,, municipal employees; He said, “We are the park control team,” after the citizens told them that they did not have such authority. In the images of the event; municipal employees asked the citizens who asked for ID, “I have a car under me, I have a radio. What more do you want? Will it be a superintendent ID?” was heard.

Speaking about the moment of the incident, the citizen also said that the municipality workers were marching on him. The citizen can only say that his duties are not written on the identity card shown by the municipal employees.Keçiören Municipality staffHe also gave the information he wrote.

In images; Municipal employees, who continue to interfere with citizens despite not having any authority,Let me call the police and talk to them. I tell you ‘go, don’t get punished’‘ was heard.

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