Electric scooter driver hit by car dies

The accident occurred on the D-400 highway in Okurcalar Mahallesi at around 15.00. The car, led by Russian national Maxim Baranosvky (50), crashed into an electric scooter led by Iranian national Farzan Parsaei, returning from the intersection in the direction of Manavgat.

Parsaei, who was thrown to the road from the scooter, which was overturned by the force of the impact, was seriously injured. The surrounding citizens who saw the accident reported the situation to the 12 Emergency Call Center. Upon the notification, health, police and gendarmerie were sent to the scene.

Parsaei, whose first aid was given at the scene, died in the hospital where he was taken. After the accident, car driver Maxim Baranosvky was detained by the gendarmerie.

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