30 August message from the parties in the Socialist League of Forces: Again for a victory!

The Left Party, the Communist Party of Turkey, the Communist Movement of Turkey and the Revolution Movement, which announced that they established the Socialist Forces Union with their call on 20 August, issued a message for the 100th anniversary of the 30 August Victory.

Common emphasis in the messages of the parties “raising a new republican struggle against imperialism, reaction and capital for the independence and liberation of the country.shaped like an i.

The statements of the 4 parties are as follows:

LEFT Party: “On the 100th anniversary of the great victory, we salute the War of Independence, which paved the way for an independent republic under the leadership of Mustafa Kemal. Today, we will defeat those who dream of reign, those who sold the country, and all collaborators. Long live independence, long live the revolution.”

TKH: “August 30 is the date of the national liberation war against imperialism and its invasion plans. The meaning of August 30 on its 100th anniversary is the escalation of the anti-imperialist struggle for the independence and liberation of the country. While commemorating the 100th anniversary of the August 30 victory, don’t forget the collaborators, the one-man regime that emulates the Ottoman sultanate, and the longing for the caliphate! Today, the slogan of ‘A New Republic’ must be raised. The struggle that took place 100 years ago sets an example for the progressives and patriots of this country. A new Republic will be established by the progressive, republican, patriotic forces of the country. A new Republic will rise on the shoulders of the working people.”

TKP: “We will win this victory by putting an end to the plunder of international monopolies and expelling NATO bases from our country. We will win this victory by putting an end to the yoke of the bosses who have destroyed the hard work of our working people and the resources of our country. The invaders will be defeated, our people will win! With this determination and faith, with respect to those who created August 30…”

Revolution Movement: “We commemorate Mustafa Kemal and all heroes with respect on the 100th anniversary of the victory. We will win new victories with the organized power of the people. Long live August 30! Long live free, independent, socialist Turkey!”

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