Ali Akben, the writer of the Gerici Yeni Akit newspaper, targeted Gülşen

Writer of Yandaş Yeni Akit newspaper Ali AkbenRegarding Gülşen, who was arrested on the grounds of her remarks against imam hatip followers, “This artist, who was not respected in the foreign country he lived in, was marketed by certain groups in our country, and he fulfilled his duty perfectly with low-cut clothes, LGBT advertisements and finally the unfortunate words he uttered about imam-hatips.” used the phrases.

Akben’s ‘We entered the election surface mail’ titled The relevant part of the article is as follows:

“Are you the one who put you in jail, even though it was late, when he realized his mistake and apologized, and he gave the punishment for a serious crime such as inciting hatred and enmity and humiliation. What happened when the words that came out of his pen were the kind that the chaos merchants were looking for but couldn’t find.


A lie specialist, who was recently arrested for insulting the president elected by the nation, gathered a lot of supporters in the cement market by giving the appearance of reverse handcuffs even though his hands were not handcuffed, and even though his situation was understood, not a single one of the idiots who believed that the lie expert was deceived was deceived.


“The examples are too numerous to count and will increase day by day. When I follow the people who rant on social media about this latest event, which I think is planned and programmed, everything is as planned and it is understood from the rumblings that; goose-heads and enemies of the government are at work once again and their direct target is Tayyip as always.

With the confidence of reaching their goals, the blind and the deaf welcome each other, whatever I grab from the table, with the logic of profit, they empty whatever is in their tripe from the place they hold and spread their nasty smell around us. The horny minority is at work again, full time. While some people talk loudly and seduce the congregation’s prayer while the sermon is being delivered in Friday prayer, some who think they are doing politics can blatantly spoil a sack of figs.”

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