He cut himself by saying ‘I’m hungry’ in the middle of the square

A person shouting that there is no bread to eat at home in Kayseri Cumhuriyet Square said, “We are hungry in Turkey! Feed the Syrians, but we are hungry. I don’t have a tube in my house, I don’t have bread to fill my stomach. But let our nation help the Syrians. My children are hungry” protested.

For a long time, the citizens tried to persuade the police teams, who made cuts on various parts of his body with the cutting tool in his hand. Convinced after the intense efforts of the police, the person was taken to the hospital by ambulance.


Good Party Kayseri Deputy Dursun Ataş made a statement about the incident on his social media account, “A citizen in Kayseri said, ‘Syrians are full, we are hungry!’ she cuts herself. The situation you have brought the country is clear,” he said.


Making a statement on the subject, CHP Kayseri Provincial Chairman Ümit Solak Özer said, “This is Kayseri Square. Hey AKP citizen, look at the situation you have brought down. The citizen says ‘my children are devastated, I have been hungry for how many days’, and they rebel against what they have been through. He says, ‘Syrians are full, I am hungry’. Shame on you. Hear these cries. See these facts. This government is imprisoning the country and its citizens in poverty and poverty. Enough is enough now,” he said.

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