The watch that Erdogan gifted to Mesut Özil became the agenda in Germany: Six times the minimum wage

Transferring from Fenerbahçe to Başakşehir, star football player Mesut Özil shared the watch gifted to him by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on his social media account, which was also on the agenda in Germany.

About the watch worth 1700 Euros, which was given as a gift to the 33-year-old football player. bild in the newspaper article, “Özil proudly showed the gift from Erdoğan” title is used.

For Özil, who entered the game in the 80th minute of the Başakşehir – Kayserispor match played last Sunday, and made his debut for his new team, “Ozil, who played for Arsenal and Real Madrid for a while, was happy off the field as well. He shared the new watch given to him after the match on Instagram” it was said.


Reminding that President Erdoğan is a witness to Özil’s wedding, it was also stated that Erdoğan’s signature was on the gift clock. “The price is allegedly 1700 Euros. This is six times the military wage in Turkey.” expressions were used.

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