Gülşen’s arrest is ridiculous; It’s not detention, it’s intimidation!

Artist Gulsen‘s words about Imam Hatip people at a concert 4 months ago changed the country’s agenda. After the videos suddenly circulated by the pro-media, the famous singer Gülşen was detained and arrested at jet speed.

Former Public Prosecutor Lawyer, who evaluated the process with its legal dimension from Cumhuriyet to Kardelen İnce Rusen GultekinIt is ridiculous to claim that a speech delivered on April 30 shakes public safety 4 months later.” he said, revealing the legal dimension of the decision.


Gültekin, who made evaluations about the arrest of the famous artist, said:For one thing, the conditions of detention did not exist according to the Articles 91 of the Criminal Procedure Code (CMK). Because the decision to detain a person is a judicial measure that takes place with the decision of the public prosecutor of the person caught red-handed and if it is necessary for the conduct of the investigation. However, the alleged crime against Gülşen took place on April 30, 2022. However, a detention order was issued for him on August 25, 2022. This decision is not legal. Gülşen had no suspicion of escaping, nor was she in a position to obscure the evidence. So it is ridiculous to claim that a speech delivered on April 30, 2022, shaken public safety 4 months later.” he said.


Referring to the behind the scenes of the detention order given to Gülşen, Gültekin said, ”This has a political dimension. The scandalous messages of the Ağrı Central District President were revealed yesterday. Again, the sex videos of the AKP’s Ağrı İŞKUR Director exploded. Likewise, Sedat Peker put forward some corruption allegations, including the presidential adviser, by specifying the place, time and person. In my opinion, the fact that Gülşen’s speech on April 30 was broadcast by the pro-press after 4 months and all AKP supporters lynched Gülşen on social media and the subsequent arrest decision seems like a planned operation to divert the public’s attention.” he stated.

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