1,295 asylum seekers arrived in England in 1 day

Englandof France bordering with Dover HarborEvery day, dozens of immigrants try to cross under difficult conditions with small boats or boats.

In the statement made by the British Ministry of Defense, it was stated that 1,295 asylum seekers arrived in the country yesterday on 27 boats, the highest daily figure since 2018.

While the number of immigrants crossing from France to England increased with the good weather, the search and rescue teams of England took 50 immigrants in total to the British border in the evening.

More than 8,000 migrants have been in unsanitary conditions on boats and boats since January. the English ChannelHe came to England by passing.

UK Refugee and Migrant Rights Director at London-based Amnesty International Steve Valdez-SymondsIn his statement on the subject, he stated that sending people to another country for asylum procedures is the pinnacle of irresponsibility, and that the government currently shows how far from humanity and reality in asylum matters.

The refugee crisis between England and France French Interior Minister Gérald DarmaninHe said that France will not accept any practice that violates the law of the sea.

The British government has struggled to stop the arrivals, announcing plans to deport asylum seekers crossing the English Channel to Rwanda last April.

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