Earthquake in the Future Party: Executives resigned

Future Party Batman Central District President Ömer Er announced that they resigned from their positions and the party together with the board of directors.

Announcing his resignation at the press conference, Er “I resigned from my position and from the party due to the political disagreement and working system in the Future Party, where I have been working since the party was founded. I have duly performed my duty in the Future Party, where I have been working since the founding phase of the party. My work is well known to the public. But unfortunately, we resigned because we had a disagreement with the head of the province and the regional coordinator.” used the phrases.


Head of the Central District, Ömer Er, together with the Future Party Batman Central district administration, Hasan Yurttaş, Vedat Ediz, Fatih Yeşil, Sevgi Doğan, Vedat Kalaycıoğlu, İnci Durmaz, Rukiye Yıldırım, Bahar Yavuz, Mahsum Gün, Muhammed Sevim, Muhammed Seydal, Fehmi Şen, Sabahattin Gerkin, İsmail Güneş, Tuncay Akıncı, Sertip Taş, Yaşar Gülükgiray, İsmail Akın, Ahmet Yıldız and M. Fatih Söyüt, and from the provincial administration Abdulkerim Ekinci, Hayrettin Çelik, Hüseyin Korkmaz, Seval Sonuk, M. Can Erincik, Ferhat Yıldırım, İsmail Baran and Hülya Yıldız also resigned.

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