‘There was always someone else inside me. The person inside me came and caused my daughter’s life.

Betül Gök was found dead at home in the Sarılar District of Manavgat district on 13 May. Manavgat District Gendarmerie Command teams went to the house in Sarılar Mahallesi with a tip. The teams noticed that Betül Gök was lying motionless on the sofa in the living room.

In the examination of the medical team, it was determined that the baby, who was understood to have 2 stab wounds on his heart, died about 10 hours ago.


The gendarmerie detained Mersiye Gök, who is believed to have stabbed her daughter in the heart with a fruit knife and killed her at night. In the first statement given to the gendarmerie by the father of the child, it was learned that his wife had been receiving psychiatric treatment for about 15 days.

Mersiye Gök was referred to Manavgat State Hospital to determine whether she had a psychiatric disorder. Mersiye Gök, whose procedures at the gendarmerie were completed after her examination, was brought to the Manavgat Courthouse.

It was learned that Mersiye Gök, who did not testify at the gendarmerie, said in her statement at the prosecutor’s office that she had not used drugs for 3 days and brought insanity. Mersiye Gök, who was transferred to the criminal judgeship of peace after her statement at the prosecutor’s office, was arrested.


After the investigation initiated by the Manavgat Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office, the indictment was prepared. In the indictment, the development of the event was explained and the murder of Mersiye Gök, who killed her daughter. ‘deliberately killing a descendant’ He was sentenced to aggravated life imprisonment for the crime.

The indictment was accepted by the Manavgat 2nd High Criminal Court. The case regarding the incident started to be heard at the Manavgat 2nd High Criminal Court. While the defendant Mersiye Gök, his relatives and the lawyers of the parties attended the first hearing of the case, the complainant father Orhan Gök did not attend.

Mersiye Gök, who gave a statement after the identification and reading of the indictment, explained that she had psychological problems.


Mersiye Gök said in her statement:

“When I was 11 years old, my mother and father suffered from severe depression. I was very affected by them. There was always someone else inside of me. I went to the doctor 3 weeks before the event and started to receive treatment. My inner personality was chatting with me. He was my only friend. Even while cleaning, I was having trouble with him. I started using drugs after I went to the doctor. The person inside me didn’t want me to go to the doctor and use drugs. He started arguing with me. He wanted me to argue with my mother and my wife all the time. On the day of the incident, I was alone in the room with my daughter. The person inside me came to me. I carried out the action in the depression. It cost my daughter’s life. That’s all I remember about the incident. I regret it very much and seek justice.”


Gönül Alagöz, mother of Mersiye Gök, who was heard as a witness at the hearing, stated that her daughter became ill three weeks before the incident and was taken to the doctor.

Noting that they first thought he was Covid and then realized that he had a psychological disorder, Alagöz said that he stayed with him for a week and then went home.

Stating that she gave her medicines when she stood next to her daughter, Alagöz stated that her condition worsened because she did not take the medicines after she left. Gönül Alagöz stated that she came to her daughter’s house around 11:00 on the day of the incident. “When I got home, my daughter clung to my neck. She cried, saying, ‘I’m not a bad person.’ said.


The defendant’s lawyer, İlknur Baş, stated that his client had psychological problems for many years and that this situation got worse during the coronavirus epidemic.

Explaining that his client’s treatment was started too late, İlknur Baş said, “We know that his parents also suffered from psychological disorders. Psychological disorders can be hereditary. My client’s treatment continues in prison. He does not have the ability to direct his behavior. We are evaluating the report of his lack of criminal capacity. All evidence has been collected. He is being treated in prison under difficult conditions. All the evidence regarding the incident has been collected, We demand the release of my client” said.

The hearing was adjourned to correct the deficiencies in the file.

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