Boat fight in Pendik ends with murder

On the Pendik beach, 3 men who came to the beach at around 21.00 the other day went into the sea to swim. 3 people swimming in the sea for a while wanted to go to one of the boats on the shore.

boat owner 21-year-old Hasan ApaydınA discussion broke out between the parties after ‘s did not allow them to get on the boat.

As a result of the verbal discussion, a group of 3 people came out of the sea and left the scene. 2 hours after the discussion, 2 people who came to the scene by supplying two different guns, rained bullets on Hasan Apaydın and his brother, whom they were arguing with on the grounds that he did not allow them to get on his boat.

While Apaydın was seriously injured by being shot in the head and leg, his older brother escaped unharmed. A large number of police teams were dispatched to the scene upon the notification of the surrounding citizens.


While the armed attackers fled the scene, Hasan Apaydın, the owner of the boat, who was seriously injured, could not be saved and died in the Marmara University Training and Research Hospital, where he was removed, despite all the efforts.

As a result of the work of the crime scene investigation teams, a gun allegedly belonging to the boatmen was found among the rocks. The police teams, who started a large-scale investigation about the incident, continue to search for the suspects who fled after the incident.

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