İBB President Ekrem İmamoğlu drew attention to the zoning permits given by the previous administration.

Ekrem İmamoğlu, Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), evaluated the possible earthquake risk of the megacity before the 23rd anniversary of the 17 August 1999 Marmara earthquake. Ekrem İmamoğlu held a press conference yesterday where he conveyed Istanbul’s earthquake preparedness agenda and new solution proposals.


Describing the Marmara earthquake as the “greatest tragedy in the history of the Republic”, İmamoğlu stated that the earthquake risk of Istanbul is greater than the one mentioned. Reminding that the “Disaster Risk Law No. 6306” was enacted in the previous period to facilitate transformation in risky areas, he said: “With this law, extraordinary powers have been given to the public authority. We also looked at the practices based on this law in detail. What we see is this: The implementation of the so-called ‘Disaster Risk Law’ created an urban disaster in itself. We could even call it an urban murder.”


Saying, “An incredible $85 billion profit has been obtained from 130 projects, 78 reinforcement areas and seven forest areas,” İmamoğlu said: “Public resources were not spent on fighting the earthquake. Sold or zoned using special laws. These resources did not come to IMM as a resource, nor were they spent on earthquake-resistant housing. With exactly $85 billion, no earthquake-proof houses would be left in Istanbul, they would all be renovated. By using this law as an excuse, they made a profit from the biggest tragedy of our republican history. They transformed the protected military areas into luxury residences and commercial areas and enriched their environment over the nation’s property. And they continue to do so with the same greed.”


Stating that there are nearly 500 thousand buildings with moderate damage and nearly 90 thousand buildings with heavy and very heavy damage in Istanbul, İmamoğlu shared the following information: “We prepared 80 regional plans and sent them to the districts. We continue to work on plans for 68 regions. We launched the ‘Istanbul Renewal Platform’ for Istanbul residents who want to transform their risky structure. I invite the people of Istanbul to apply to this platform.”


İmamoğlu said, “I promise that we will solve the issue from the root by establishing the Istanbul Earthquake Council, under the power of the Nation Alliance, after the elections. We will continue to say in the highest tone that politics should not be made over disasters. This work cannot be moderated by Ankara. At the local level, it is possible with inclusiveness. It is essential to act holistically. A comprehensive local government reform is needed. Let’s cooperate quickly on these three issues without wasting time.”

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