Statement by Edirne Governor’s Office on ’39 immigrants stranded in the Meriç river’

The aid organization International Rescue Committee IRC (International Rescue Committee) called for the evacuation of 39 migrants who were stranded on an islet on the Meriç river on the Greek-Turkish border.

Edirne Governorship, on the other hand, announced that no immigrant group was found in the search-screening study launched on the allegation that 39 irregular migrants were stranded on an islet in the Meriç River.

In the statement made by the Edirne Governor’s Office, it was stated that AFAD and Border units were working at the specified point, and the following was noted:

“A search has been carried out for about 4 days by AFAD and Border Units in both coordinate areas reported for the said islet, due to the statements in some press and media organs and social media accounts that 39 irregular migrants are trapped in one of the islets on the Meriç River between Turkey and Greece. “Scanning activity has been carried out and no immigrant or immigrant group has been found. Regarding the issue, search and scanning activities are meticulously carried out by our Border Units in the areas within our borders.”

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