Retired Ambassador Uluç Özülker evaluated the action in Jarablus and Azez to Cumhuriyet: ‘Very clear provocation’

Retired Ambassador Uluç Özülker evaluated the developments in Syria. Özülker pointed out that there are three sides against Turkey, namely Iran, the USA and Russia. Reminding that Iran sees its rights in Iraq and Syria, and that the USA accepted a 32-kilometer security zone for Turkey during the Donald Trump era, Özülker said, “If the security corridor is being talked about today, it is due to the clear stance of the USA. Then they backed down, left Manbij to the Russians, gave up patrolling the border. And to the Russians, whom they see as enemies…” he said. Özülker said that there was a very clear provocation in the protest.

Stating that Russian President Vladimir Putin brought up contact with Syrian President Bashar Assad during the Sochi meeting, Özülker said, “I think Putin said, ‘It will be possible for you to act together in terms of law, since it is his own land’. Assad is ready,” he said.

Stating that the region stretching from northern Syria to Latakia is seen as a Kurdish region by the USA, Özülker said that the search for a state in this region has now moved to the east of the Euphrates after Turkey’s operations and said, “The USA is considering the YPG, which it trained and raised. Iran also has a problem. Turkey is also conducting operations in northern Iraq. If a security corridor is created, if one million Syrians in Turkey are placed here, Turkey’s effectiveness is disturbing.”


Explaining that it is necessary to look at the events in Jarablus and Azez with this background and that he believes that the events were provoked, Özülker said, “Some people say, ‘We are not dead, we exist. We are in a position to disturb you. Organizations cannot do this alone. I’m sure someone is absolutely positioned behind them to cause discomfort. After meeting with Putin, I do not believe that Russia played a provocative role. Iran and America, those who come to us come from here. It is necessary to think that they provoked them,” he said.

Özülker stated that Turkey followed a very wrong regional policy until two years ago, and now it is trying to make peace with countries such as Israel, Egypt and the Emirates, adding that Syria can also be included in this scope. Özülker said, “Do not hope for the Geneva talks. Assad may be our interlocutor. Do not forget that you welcomed Assad and his wife and had a holiday together. It should not be viewed as a sect. Our survival also passes through the system of secularism.”

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