Abdullah Tarhan, the resigning AKP Municipal Council Member, shared: All the uncle’s sons poured into the municipality.

Abdullah Tarhan, Deputy Mayor of Hasankeyf Municipality in Batman, announced that he resigned from the party after criticizing the recruitment of relatives of AKP members in the municipality while young people from Hasankeyf were unemployed. Following his resignation, Tarhan announced the names of people alleged to have been recruited by Mayor Abdülvahap Kusen and AKP district head Rüstem Ayhan in Hasankeyf Municipality. Tarhan stated that after his post about the municipality, no one called him to deny the allegations. Tarhan said, “If they lie, I will make more statements, they know this, so they do not call and come to me.”

Another resignation took place in the Hasankeyf AKP district organization. Muhittin Orhan, who stated that he had been working in the district organization of the party for 15 years, announced his resignation in a written statement. In his statement, Orhan said, “Hasankeyf AKP District Organization turned AKP into a family company. They evaluated tens of relatives of the mayor and district heads in the municipality, PTT and different institutions. I have personally seen the grievances and reactions of our friends. I am resigning because they turned AKP into a signage party in Hasankeyf, and because they took care of this party for personal benefit, not for the benefit of the country.”


CHP Batman Provincial Chairman Hüseyin Yaşar said, “There is this practice all over Turkey. Is there anyone other than AKP members who can get a job? Can a young person who is not close to the AKP, who is not close to the deputies, and who is not close to the People’s Alliance, get a job? They have established this as a system now,” he said.

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