Thousands of people gathered in Karacabey for the ‘meteor rain’

The ‘Perseid Meteor Shower’, which takes place in August every year, is watched with interest in nighttime observations for about a month. The ‘Meteor Rain Observation Festival’, which started in Karacabey 3 years ago and became a tradition, took place this year as well.

In the program presented by Wildlife Photographer Alper Tüydeş, Uygar Mitat, who is a Deep Space Photographer and whose photo was shared by NASA, presented the astrophotos he took about space to the participants.

Süleyman Akgüneş, Aslı Aydın and Rizvan Talha Kaynak, who took wide-angle astrophotographs, also told their stories about the sky photographs they took in the dark regions of Turkey. Photographer Melih Özbek, the surprise guest of the program, also shared the fairy-tale images of the flamingos of Salt Lake, which he takes every year.


Karacabey Mayor Ali Özkan, in his speech at the ‘Observation Festival’, thanked the participants and said that Karacabey is one of the best observed places in Turkey for the meteor shower that takes place every year. Özkan also expressed his happiness that this situation, which is a separate advantage, contributes to the tourism of the district.

In the event, guests from many provinces of Turkey as well as from countries such as the Netherlands, Australia and Sweden took part. All hotels in Yeniköy and Karacabey are full. UEDAŞ temporarily turned off some street lighting in Yeniköy, special for the evening when the meteor shower will be watched.


After the full moon set after midnight, all the lights in the event area were also dimmed. In the event, where an average of 20-30 meteors were observed per hour in the sky, thousands of people stayed in the area until the first light of the morning and witnessed the natural phenomenon.

Meanwhile, the ‘Perseid Meteor Shower’ is expected to be the most intense on August 11-13 this year.

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