Our 20 years of power are full of honor plates.

The ‘Local Products Market’, the construction of which was completed by the central Edremit Municipality of Van, was put into service with the participation of AKP Deputy Chairman Mehmet Özhaseki.

Reminding that they put the women’s beach into service in the town of Tusba yesterday with a ceremony, AKP Deputy Chairman Mehmet Özhaseki said, “Today, one of the newspaper almost condemned me, saying, ‘The Deputy Chairman has gone; he opened a harem and a beach for a salute in Van.’ We did very well, nor did we do well. Alhamdulillah. Let them condemn them as much as they want. At least the sea water will touch our brothers and they will feel comfortable there. Should we not? Should it be open only to men? Where will our brothers who want to avoid themselves enter? Everything is open to anyone who wants. Everyone can enter anywhere. Men and women are free. Trouble “There is no such thing. It is our job to ensure their safety and to be tolerant towards them. But if some of our brothers want to be cautious, it is our first job to meet their needs. Alhamdulillah, we did that here,” he said.


Stating that the upcoming Presidential elections are not ordinary, Özhaseki said:

“Let us know that this election is not only a choice of our people in Turkey, but also of the oppressed in the world. Aliya İzzetbegovic on his deathbed said to our President, ‘I am handing over your sister to you, please look at Bosnia as you look at your sister when you look at your Bosnian brothers’. Let’s know that it was the choice of Aliya İzzetbegovic, who delivered. “No matter what happens, whether Recep Tayyip Erdoğan leaves or the AK Party leaves. Alhamdulillah, our 20-year rule is full of honor plates.”

Van Governor and Deputy Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality Dr. Ozan Balcı stated that they will increase the number of women’s cultural centers from 32 to 100 in the province, “Women’s power is Van’s power, women’s power is Turkey’s power. We are increasing the number of our women’s cultural centers from 32 to 100. Thus, we will provide opportunities for 30 thousand women. In addition, we are making preparations for the establishment of Van women’s cooperatives, provided that there is a women’s cooperative in each district. he said.


Reminding that Van, which owns 10 percent of the pastures in Turkey, ranks first in small cattle breeding, Governor Balcı said, “Our President declared 2020 to be the year of moves in sheep and goat farming. We are taking the steps of those moves in Van. With a 1-year grace period, 5-year maturity and zero-interest sheep loan, we hope to provide 5 million sheep in 5 years and bring them together with the pastures of Van. van; it will be able to feed not only Van, but also Turkey in sheep and goat breeding. I believe that we will contribute more to production with the support of this sheep breeding, especially with the support of women engaged in agriculture.” used the phrases.

AKP Van Deputy Abdulahat Arvas also said, “How the CHP mentality has spoiled the structure of Turkey for 70 years, how it has become a country of prohibitions, is buried in the history of the AK Party. Praise be to the history of the AK Party. Our nation has now forgotten them. Our nation has now found justice, right, equity, brotherhood and peace. We are not on the top of the nation, but on the nation. we are your servants” said.

Edremit Mayor İsmail Say briefly mentioned the services they have provided since the day they took office, “In the last three and a half years that we took office, we have become the municipality of firsts. We are happy to build the first nation’s coffee house, the first nation’s garden, the first disabled life center, the first continuous education center, the first study center, the first collective 18th article and zoning studies, the first sports and swimming school, the first local products center and the first women’s labor market in the region. we share with you” said.

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