CHP’s Turan Aydoğan carried the attacks on our newspaper’s writer Zülal Kalkandelen to the Parliament: ‘Traumas should not happen’

Our newspaper’s writer and animal rights defender Zülal Kalkandelen is targeted on social media because of her anti-hunting and secularism articles. Insulting, rape and death threats are coming to Tetovo, which is targeted by the reactionaries.

Kalkandelen was also subjected to cursing and insults by the reactionaries because of his article criticizing the opening of a Koran course in the Ankara Courthouse. Sharing the insults, Tetovo also reproached the Journalists’ Association. Kalkandelen said, “When I apply to the judiciary about threats, I can’t get any results. Professional organizations such as the Journalists’ Association invite the judiciary to work against threats against journalists and separate me. I am making my voice heard from here.”


CHP Istanbul Deputy Turan Aydogan condemned the attacks, saying, “Everyone should act with common sense so that traumas do not happen again.” Considering the threats against Aydoğan, Birce Akalay, Gökhan Özoğuz and Şahan Gökbakar, a parliamentary proposal was made to investigate the issue and investigate the threat to Tetovo by reactionaries.

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