Its trees.. An Egyptian initiative is preparing for the climate conference by stimulating tree planting

Within this movement, the “Tree Her” initiative emerged to plant 27,000 trees between August 1 and the date of the conference.

The initiative was launched by Egyptian engineer Omar El-Deeb, 36, since 2016 and has been able to plant more than 100,000 trees over the past years, but it aims to intensify efforts before the climate conference to show the Egyptian youth’s interest in reducing carbon emissions and improving environmental quality.

Al-Deeb, who is an engineer in safety and environmental protection and works in an oil company, started the idea by planting a street in Obour City with ten trees so that people could eat from them for free, but the matter expanded and became a big initiative that knocked on the doors of the relevant institutions in the city and gathered volunteers from the family and neighbors, where More than 400 events were held, more than 100,000 trees were planted, and more than 150,000 trees were targeted.

Initiative Objectives

In his speech to “Sky News Arabia”, Omar confirms that the initiative has three main goals, the first is to spread the culture of planting fruit trees in the streets, schools and public places, the second is to spread the culture of planting balconies and rooftops with medicinal and aromatic plants, and the third is sustainable development and confronting the phenomenon of climate change.

According to Al-Deeb, the goal is also for people to eat free of charge from the streets, houses, balconies, and roofs, and to be positive and not wait for someone to farm for them, and this reduces imports and makes the participating people productive and active in society.

Climate Conference

With regard to the climate conference, the initiative launched a campaign that linked it to the COP27 climate conference, targeting the planting of 27,000 trees in 8 Egyptian governorates, starting from the beginning of August until November 17.

Omar Al-Yidab comments on the campaign: “We found a great turnout from all governorates, which made us hope to plant more than 27 thousand trees, and participation is open to all groups, and we help those who plant and explain to them the method of caring for trees, and the door for participation is open for institutions such as universities, schools, companies and governments, to register With us, and anyone who can plant, even if a single tree, we send him an electronic certificate of participation and the number of trees he planted, with pictures of everyone who planted on social media as a kind of encouragement and support.”

He also added that the initiative does not face any problem with regard to water, as it relies on planting places where there are water sources suitable for irrigation, and if the water is treated, a certain type of wooden tree is chosen that has an economic and environmental return, and Egypt has to import wood from abroad, which is a matter important for future generations.

Regarding the most important trees that are planted, El-Deeb said, “We plant certain types that suit the Egyptian environment, such as olive, citrus, and moringa trees, and some wooden trees that are suitable for places with treated sewage water or areas with pollution and crowding, such as African “mahogany” and neem trees.” Which have a large shade, and they are important trees to reduce carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases, as well as the cultivation of vegetables of all kinds such as molokhia, watercress, parsley, etc., and tomato plants, zucchini, cucumbers, peppers, and others that are eaten in homes and people are taught Cultivation is simple and easy.

Initiative Awards and Honors

Engineer Omar El-Deeb has received many awards and honors. He won the Development Initiative Award in November 2020, where he was honored by the Ministers of Planning, Environment, Youth, Sports and Media. He was also honored among the top 100 institutions in Egypt, where 190 institutions competed and the initiative was chosen as the best institution. in 2020, as well as being honored as one of Africa’s 100 best sustainability leaders in 2021.

Engineer Omar El-Deeb concludes his speech to “Sky News Arabia”, saying, “I obtained a diploma in the field of environment from Cairo University and another from Ain Shams University, and I formed good information and background about work in the field of environment, and I have enthusiasm and activity to spread ideas, and the topic is no longer limited to Egypt, which most of its governorates participated in the initiative, but it is attracting many interested people from outside the country, and we hope to participate in the campaign in the climate conference as a successful experience for the youth of Egypt to support the conference, and to communicate our feeling about this problem to the whole world, and we also need support from all parties that can help us.”

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