Lawyer Ruşen Gültekin, “The appointments made by the AKP government were controversial”

Ruşen Gültekin, a lawyer, told Cumhuriyet about the allegations regarding the KPSS exam and the safety of the exam. Gültekin said that the appointments made during the 20-year AKP rule also became controversial, and suggested that those who are employed in the public sector should take a “proficiency test”. Reminding that the Association of Judges and Prosecutors (YARSAV) applied for the annulment of the judge and prosecutor’s exams in 2007-2008, Gültekin used the following statements:

“In those years, we demanded the annulment of the administrative judiciary exams. After we opened the case, the Council of State stopped the purchases. We also requested that a camera be placed in the interviews. Then, the Ministry of Justice wrote this into Law No. 2802 on Judges and Prosecutors to prevent lawsuits. When the regulation passed from the law to the law, the case was also eliminated. In this way, they neutralized the judicial decision. 90 percent of the judges and prosecutors that the AKP brought to the administrative judiciary from 2003 to 2016 were expelled as a result of FETO investigations. The record of the political power on this issue is high.”


Gültekin said that if the government changes in the 2023 elections, the public cadres should be reviewed. Gültekin said, “Qualification exams should be applied. Reappointments should be made on the basis of the merit system, and the objective establishment principles of the state should be taken into account. Stating that the annulment and trial process has various legs, Gültekin said, “I wonder if these questions were leaked or were they taken from the relevant broadcaster? What kind of defense will Yediiklim Publishing House make about it, this is also important. Here, the main political responsibility is the minister of national education. Therefore, the minister should resign immediately. Dismissal of the head of ÖSYM or the head of YÖK will not solve this problem,” he said.

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