Do not detonate the poison bomb in the middle of Izmir

CHP İzmir Provincial Chairman Deniz Yücel reacted to the Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change because the Brazilian Navy’s warship Nae Sao Paulo, which is claimed to contain hundreds of tons of asbestos, will be brought to Aliağa.

CHP İzmir Provincial Chairman Deniz Yücel and CHP İzmir Deputy Mahir Polat, CHP Aliağa District Chairman Özlem Şan Oğuzhan, together with CHP İzmir provincial manager Sedredil Coşkuner, made a press statement at the CHP Aliağa District Presidency.


Yücel, who claimed that India did not accept Sao Paulo, one of the countries where the ship was dismantled, said:

“The only country left to accept this garbage and poison is Turkey. Well, do we have to dismantle the ship, which is full of poison and if it is dismantled, it is certain that all the poison that will come out will be mixed into the nature and the air? The income that the company will derive from the dismantling of this ship or the tax to be collected by the government, Is it more valuable than the lives of the people of Aliağa and the people of İzmir, the degradation and pollution of our nature? In our opinion, the answer is a big no. Let’s say 9 tons of asbestos, not 900 tons, as Environment Minister Mr. Murat Kurum said, even though it makes no sense on this ship. Even this statement is problematic in itself. In other words, they say: “This ship is loaded with tons of poison, but not as much as you say.” Another big statement from his apology. In other words, Mr. Minister Aliağa will receive a ship loaded with tons of poison, and no country other than Turkey will accept this. Moreover, he tells this confession as if it was a great success that this ship was brought to Turkey for dismantling. It is a problematic, harmful and irresponsible statement that is left in your hands if you hold on to it. We are also against this statement, which puts the people of Aliağa and the whole of İzmir as ignorant, and the bringing of tons of poison-laden ships to our district among the beautifications of the minister.”


Yücel continued his statement as follows:

“We do not accept that many countries in the world, especially European countries, treat Turkey as garbage by not disposing of the toxic wastes they produce in their own countries as it will harm the environment and human health, and that the health of the Turkish people is disregarded. It is a fact that is already known to the public that the dismantling of toxic wastes and the disposal of these wastes are carried out without adequate supervision. During the AKP rule, the warnings and calls of all relevant chambers, environmental organizations, opposition deputies and our district organization were ignored. and while it is extremely harmful for the health of our citizens; on top of all this, the insistence of a ship with the largest poison load ever to be brought to the district, the insistence of this issue by the government, stubbornly with science, nature and human health, but only with a mindset. can go out.”


Yucel, who criticized the AKP government, concluded his words as follows:

“The only ones defending this voyage of the ship, which came to Aliağa in the form of a poison bomb, are the AKP government and its Environment Minister, Mr. Murat Kurum. We are calling out to the Minister of Environment and the AKP government once again from here. Turn around from this poison trade that will affect you for 50 years. Do not detonate this poison bomb in the middle of Aliağa and İzmir. This country saw ministers drinking tea with radiation after the Chernobyl disaster to show that the teas in the Black Sea were not affected by radiation. In some parts of Turkey after that disaster There was a 3-fold increase in cancer cases. If the Minister also wants to be remembered in this way in history, if he thinks that this poison-filled ship is harmless, we invite him to accompany him at the dismantling site until the dismantling is completed. However, we know that he will not accept this invitation. We don’t want to breathe. We don’t want to be poisoned. We do not want this poison-filled ship, which will lead to the death of a private, in Izmir or Turkey. İzmir is not a dump that will accept anyone’s toxic waste. Despite all these warnings, no one should have any doubt that we will hold accountable those who disregard the health of our people, our children, all living creatures in nature and our environment.


CHP İzmir Deputy Mahir Polat said:

“It has been stated that the risk of asbestos causing cancer in humans is 5 times higher. There is a risk of 10 times more cancer in comparison to one cigarette. We already know the air risk in Aliağa. We are not against anyone’s commercial industry. If people are to produce, it must be done with certain rules. A twin of this ship came to İzmir, and after the reactions, the ministry took a step back and pulled this ship. We are faced with a situation that carries great risks for Aliağa. We will resist this ship within the framework of the powers given by the constitution. Our Provincial Mayor and Metropolitan Mayor also It is very sensitive. We have to create a public awareness in Izmir and Turkey.”

CHP Aliağa District President Özlem Şan Oğuzhan invited the people of İzmir to the rally to be held in Aliağa Democracy Square at 18.00 tomorrow against the ship with asbestos.

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