The digger operator, who was buried under a pile of mud in Soma, was bid farewell to his last journey

A collapse occurred in the slime pool in a private company’s colliery in the rural Dereköy District at around 06:00 on 30 July. Meanwhile, scoop operator İbrahim Demir, who was working in the region, was under tons of mud flowing from the pool.

Truck driver İbrahim Coşkun (47) realized the collapse at the last moment and saved his life by jumping out of the vehicle. Coşkun, who got on the truck, waited to be rescued. With the notice, health, gendarmerie, fire and search and rescue teams were sent to the region.

While the driver Coşkun was rescued by the firefighters, a search and rescue operation was started for Demir, who is married and has two children.


First, the road was made to the area where the bucket was sunken and the vehicle was reached. The teams divided the pool in the middle by making a dam in the flow direction of the pool, and then began to discharge the mud with the opened channel. Reaching the bucket with the rescue basket attached to the crane in the slime pool, the teams tried to pull the vehicle they tied to the rope with dozers.

The work, which lasted all day, continued with the darkening of the weather. After lowering the level of the slime pool, the teams reached the bucket with the rescue basket attached to the crane, cut the ceiling of the cabin and reached the lifeless body of Demir in it yesterday.


While halal was obtained in front of Demir’s house, Demir’s wife Alime Demir and his sons Murat (30) and Samet Demir (26) could hardly stand.

Demir’s sister, Fadime Demir, had a nervous breakdown by saying “Brother, don’t go”. Demir’s funeral was buried in Cenkyeri Cemetery in tears after the funeral prayer performed after the noon prayer at the Cenkyeri Central Mosque.

Deputy Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Şeref Kalaycı, Soma District Governor Fatih Akkaya, AK Party Manisa Deputy Mehmet Ali Özkan, Soma Mayor Ali Tulup, General Manager of Turkish Coal Enterprises Hasan Hüseyin Erdoğan and their relatives attended the funeral prayer.

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