Aggravated life sentence demand for 2 defendants in ‘fake car advertisement’ murder

İbrahim Ay and Recep Sarı made an agreement with Hüseyin Angı, father of 2, who was an accountant who placed a fake car advertisement on the internet and called from the Cizre district of Şırnak to buy the vehicle in the advertisement, for 390 thousand TL. Hüseyin Angı came to Ankara on 23 March to pay a deposit of 2 thousand TL and to pick up the vehicle.

Angı was met by İbrahim Ay and Recep Sarı in a rented car and taken to a deserted place in Gölbaşı district. When Ay and Sarı refused to transfer 390,000 TL to the account, Angı, whose hands were tied, killed him by shooting 6 shots with a pump gun. Ay and Sarı, who were detained by the police, were arrested.


Ankara Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office completed the investigation into the incident.

In the indictment, İbrahim Ay and Recep Sarı were sentenced to one aggravated life sentence for “to hide evidence of crime or to kill people in order not to be caught”, 39 for “looting with more than one person”, “deprivation of liberty with a gun” and “qualified fraud”. imprisonment of up to one year was demanded.

Kemal Can Orhan, Metehan Taşbek, Nazif Yüksel and Samet Ceylan, who took part in the process of defrauding Angı of 2 thousand liras with a false advertisement under the name of ‘deposit’ and who were determined to have provided a phone to İbrahim Ay, were also charged with ‘fraud through IT’ for 4 years. Up to 10 years in prison and a judicial fine twice the amount obtained from the crime were demanded.

The prosecution’s indictment was accepted by the Ankara 7th High Criminal Court.

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