The frightening sounds from the underground in Siirt turned the life of the neighborhood into a nightmare

Stating that the sounds coming from the underground are frightening, Meydandere Village Headman Necmettin Baykara stated that the villagers could not sleep at night because of the explosion sound coming from the underground.

Baykara“There have been some problems here for two weeks. Due to these troubles, sounds like an underground mine are heard. Strange sounds. Meanwhile, all the village people are worried. All the houses are shaking, and the whole village gets nervous in that shaking. When I went to bed at night, I looked around 2 o’clock and there was a sound of mines. The whole village stood up in fear. All the village people are worried. It’s happened 2-3 times, everyone hears it. We want to get the result of this, what is it?” said.


Sabri Yıldırım, one of the residents of the village, who said that he kept watch because he could not sleep at night due to underground noises, said that he and the village were uneasy because of the sounds coming from underground. Lightning“I am 72 years old and I have never seen such a horrible sound. At 12:00, at 01.00, at 02:00, such a deep sound comes. Everyone says this noise came from under my house. Everyone runs away from home and then looks at home, there is nothing in the house. It’s such a scary sound. We don’t sleep at night, we keep watch. Village people are worried. Everyone, big or small, says, ‘What will this be?’ Everyone is afraid of this deep explosion” he said.

A villager named İbrahim Şen, on the other hand, “At 00:00 a.m. there was an explosion. Houses trembled, people woke up from sleep, threw themselves out. People shouted what is this sound. People could not sleep because of fear. It’s happened twice, folks can’t sleep at night for fear. Twice they rocked. 170 households cannot sleep at night because of fear. This sound comes from underground. There’s a huge sound. God bless our state. We want him to find a solution to this issue.” he said.

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