11 thousand TL fine for 10 drivers who hindered the ambulance in the wedding convoy

In the statement made by the Ankara Police, “In the Northern Ring Road Pursaklar variant, a total of 11,56 lira administrative fines were imposed on a driver who blocked the wedding convoy in the direction of the airport yesterday and caused the traffic to stop, and 9 drivers who endangered traffic safety by not allowing the ambulance to pass. In addition, a judicial action was taken against a driver. has been started” expressions were used.


Koca made a statement on his Twitter account, “In Ankara, the 112 Emergency Ambulance got stuck in a wedding convoy while trying to reach the patient it was assigned to. Due to this incident, we remind you once again: The priority in traffic is the ambulance. Emergency response cannot be delayed, there is a place and time to experience joy,” he said. said.

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