Let me give you a tip on which to squeeze Mansur Yavaş!

Sözcü newspaper columnist Necati Doğru, today, “Let me give you a clue that you can squeeze Mansur Yavaş!” He wrote Ankapark in his column titled.

Saying that the operating rights of Ankapark, which was transferred to Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, should be given to Melih Gökçek, Doğru said, While saying that ABB President Mansur Yavaş “cannot escape this offer”, he said, “He cannot escape this offer. He gives the management of Ankapark to Melih Gökçek and all Ankara residents and the whole world will see; who is telling the truth. Who is eating. Who is feeding.” made his comment.

The relevant part of today’s column by Necati Doğru is as follows:

“The journalist’s duty is not to “search for clues and relieve the palace-loving power” that will stifle a mayor who is popular because he is successful. Are you right? Are you honest? I’m testing you. Let me give you a clue to squeeze Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş. Tell your party member, Melih Gökçek, who was the mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality before Mansur Yavaş. wake him up. Convince. Go slow.

Say: “Mr. President, you say that the game and entertainment center that I established under the name Ankapark was built without a project, without accounts, without books, and that 801 million dollars of money collected from the taxes collected from Ankara was wasted and a pile of debris that made some people rich. I aspire to operate this Ankapark, which you call a swamp, junk, robbery and deception tool. Let me run it. Let the people see what the truth is.”

Mansur Yavaş cannot escape this offer. Melih Gökçek and all Ankara residents and the whole world see the operation of Verir Ankapark; who is telling the truth. Who is the eater? Who is the feeder?

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