Citizens cannot obtain information about the field of ministries

Citizens encounter various obstacles while trying to access information about the field of ministries within the scope of the Law on Access to Information.

Some ministries impose a postal application requirement for activity reports. Some ministries are not accessible. Lawyer Cihan Arık said, “Applications can be made via e-mail, mail and fax. It doesn’t have to be by mail. Even though it is in the law, they try not to answer by making things difficult so that citizens do not get information,” he said. Arık said, “There are certain situations that are not answered in the regulation. State secret, economic interests, privacy, trade secret. They are not informed. Apart from these, the unshared data and information are entirely related to the interests of the political power at the head of the institutions. If there is a situation that will harm someone’s interests and interests, he does not share it. Of course, this is against the law and is a crime,” he said. Arık said, “As there is not much obedience to the law in today’s Turkey, everyone creates their own law. That’s why they make it compulsory for the citizens to send mail, and they don’t respond for a long time about any issue. This is not legal,” he said.

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