Scientists turn a dead spider into a robot

of the USA Texas in the state Houstonlocated in William Marsh Rice Universitymechanical engineering doctoral student in Make Fayeengineer Daniel PrestonWith his help, he turned a dead spider into a robot that can be used to grasp small and delicate objects.


necrobic The project, which is a first in the field of robotics, aims to use the sensitive and gripping legs of spiders in many areas such as repairing microelectronic devices.

According to the news of Unilad, the team behind the project said the following about this branch of robotics, which may be the technology of the future:

“All that is required for the construction of the necrorobic gripper is the fixation of a needle inserted into the prosoma of a deceased spider with the help of glue. This is a simple step that can be completed in about 10 minutes…”

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