Drought was America’s first climate disaster

Speaking to Grid News, Christopher Kuzdas, senior water program manager at the Environmental Defense Fund, said: “We don’t have the option to fail at this […] “We have to come together and find a way to manage and manage the system differently under climate change, or it will have disastrous consequences for the Southwest, and I’m not exaggerating.” said.

Christopher Kuzdas noted that if the current drought trend continues in the Colorado River, it will be one of the rare climate disasters that government officials will have to legally address.

Kuzdas, “The Supreme Court has placed limits on the Environmental Protection Agency’s power to regulate emissions from power plants. It also stopped Biden’s climate bill being debated in Congress.” said.

Kuzdas also “(Biden’s) 1922 agreement provided for the use of the Colorado river and the interruption of water in use to manage dwindling resources” he added

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