Özgür Özel’s harsh reaction to Erdoğan’s ‘terrorist organization’ words: Who are you, unlimited: Such an injustice cannot happen

CHP Group Deputy Chairman who held a press conference in the Parliament Free Privatereacted to what AKP President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said about the “six table” yesterday.

Special, “How dare you say to the CHP, the founding party of this country, the party of the national struggle, ‘defending the terrorist organization’? Limitless! There cannot be such an injustice, we will return such an injustice… It is an example of the President insulting the people. This land has never seen such a president, such a dirty language before.” said.

Erdogan, on the air on TRT yesterday, “There are separate accounts under the table and separate accounts above it. We don’t care who the opponent is. Good works are not extended, I don’t know if they would have extended it this long if something good was to come out of this table. The work of those at the table is filled with lies. What they have in common is that they are the defenders of terrorist organizations. They did not come because they were worthy of those positions, they were brought. If they were given the ministry and the prime ministership, they all gave those authorities a will. They didn’t know the value of it. They are circling around the table trying to do something” he had used.

CHP Group Deputy Chairman Özgür Özel held a press conference in the Turkish Grand National Assembly.

Özel responded to the evaluations made about calling the General Assembly of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey to an extraordinary meeting to solve the problems of health workers, especially violence. Özel reacted harshly to what President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said about the “six table” on TRT yesterday.

The headlines of Özgür Özel’s speech are as follows:


  • While there is so much tears, blood and sadness, there is a party that has no agenda other than its own vindictive agenda. MHP. Mr. Erkan Akçay said that ‘it is a matter of political abuse, let’s have these talks after October 1, the CHP followed the TTB, it became its wagon.’ Once someone is telling the truth, you will look at the content of the word. You won’t let go of who it came from. TTB, in a letter sent to all party groups three days before the murder took place in Konya, said ‘it should be forbidden to enter places where health care is provided with guns, just like in courtrooms’. If this demand had been enacted, would he have committed the murder or not? It will not be processed. So it’s a valid request. Your Chairman is calling for the ‘TTB to be closed’ twice a week. ‘That’s why we’re against it.’ Let’s talk about violence in health, ‘no, let’s not talk if TTB wants them’. ‘Let them continue to be beaten until October 1st.’ Because Devlet Bahçeli wants TTB to be closed. ‘If TTB has 1 request on this matter, this request must be rejected and opposed.’ We do not find this unscrupulousness, the expression of hatred in the heart and mind of Devlet Bahçeli against the health workers in this way and the rejection of this request unacceptable, and we complain to all health workers.


  • Yılmaz Tunç said, ‘Let’s not make it the subject of political competition’. We, the AKP Group Deputy Chairman, have already insisted on this yesterday. Let’s not make it the subject of political competition, we call on all parties. We don’t see it as an area of ​​polarization, we don’t see it as an area of ​​separation. This is an area of ​​unification in which we are all obliged. We expect even the MHP to have common sense and change their wrong attitude, and from here to the health workers; If anyone can influence MHP, please give your reaction. This is not the case. This is not a job that can be sustained with this attitude of MHP. It has to be stated.


  • Yesterday, we listened to Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on TRT. I would love to say, ‘He made important statements and made statements in line with the impartiality of his office’. However, such a thing cannot be said. Unfortunately, Tayyip Erdogan has developed the opposite discourse. I will sadly quote it, he says, ‘the people at the table have a lot of work to do, lie, work, sedition, separatism, their common point is that they enjoy playing politics, they are puppetry that can be played easily and they are the defenders of terrorist organizations, they all defend terrorist organizations.’ Shame on you. This expression, that is, common expressions, rounding the words and so on; we are always used to… What do you mean? ‘They all defend terrorist organizations’. What relevance, what reason, what audacity? Who are you? Limitless! There cannot be such an injustice, we will return such an injustice. Who are you to call the CHP ‘someone’s convenient puppet’. We return such an injustice. Someone who does not understand the weight of the office he sits in, what the last words of his oath mean, because he is not used to losing, because he always prides himself on winning, his arrogance has exceeded the mountains; This is a situation that shows that his nervousness, which was destroyed in the local elections, has damaged the chemistry of his body today and that he has lost consciousness. It is not something that can be accepted. These are not the words of a conscious statesman and a conscious politician. We’ll just refund it.


  • In addition, it is a public insult to our citizens who have placed their hopes on any or all political parties in the Nation Alliance and the six-table. How do you call the parties these people support as ‘terrorists’? ‘How do you say ‘you vote for puppets’ up to 55, 60 percent? This is a direct insult to the nation. It is the first example of the President insulting the people. This land has never seen such a dirty language from the president before. He never saw such insulting language. We reject this. We complain to our nation. We complain to the voters of the AK Party and the People’s Alliance. Will it work? Are these words spoken?


  • The other day, a citizen in a tradesman’s shop in Balıkesir asked him, ‘Isn’t the language of politics too harsh, he said, I am from the AK Party, but I am uncomfortable with this harsh language of politics’. I said, ‘it’s true, there is someone who runs this country, you brought it to power, he turned to our wives, daughters, children, neighbors, all the women we love, he said ‘slut’.’ “By God, you’re right,” he said. What kind of language is this, do you think this nation will keep you here if staying in power is all about swearing? You will go. According to yourself; you have an action with good or bad, good or bad according to your loved ones. Democracy is a regime where attention is paid to how one gets there, not how one comes to be. Coming with democracy is easy. Those before you provided it. You have come upon a democracy of 80 years, you have come upon a democracy that has been built brick by brick for 180 years. Now, while leaving, trying to hold on to the seat by insulting and swearing; calling all his opponents ‘terrorists’. In democracies, they look at the going, not the coming. They give the report card accordingly, these will be written behind you. It’s a matter of condescension. We, as the CHP, consider it a shame to respond to this language.


  • What did they say? They said, ‘Losing Istanbul is a question of survival’. They said, ‘Losing Ankara is a question of survival’. What do you mean, survivability problem? Those who could not produce a politics of hope produced a politics of fear. Here is where we have come from since then. ‘If the AK Party loses, Turkey loses.’ The seat you sit on; surely you cannot be the incomparable one thousandth; But you have many lessons to be learned from the first owner of the office you occupy, the founder of the country, and the first president. That War of Independence hero Mustafa Kemal says, ‘My humble body will surely become soil one day, but the Republic of Turkey will stand forever’. Do you see the self-confidence? Do you see the trust in this country? Do you see the confidence in the people and future of this country? What are you saying?


  • We thank those who did not give up hope in us, those who did not give up hope in Turkey. Let them continue to follow us. We will do it. What they did not do until the election, we will do as soon as possible after the election. We will make up for all that they have done wrong. But yesterday, Ömer Çelik said, ‘Sir, we have months of work, the CHP says they hear it from somewhere, then we have it done’. Really? Let’s look at the horse lie, Omer Bey, let’s count the believer.


  • EYT is next. Those who are old enough to retire have never given up hope on us, they should not. We’re going to get it disassembled. If they don’t, we will when they come. If they make deficiencies, we will complete their deficiencies when they arrive. Tayyip Erdogan, ‘they want double stitches, they want two salaries.’ We also know and say that he received both the President’s salary and the retired Prime Minister’s salary. He poured all his ex-MPs into banks; We know that he received both a retired deputy and a bank board salary. We know that all of the former Speakers of the Assembly are paid double salary from the Presidential Advisory Board.


  • The junior partner also received his share of the instruction. ‘Candidate certain decision is clear’ studies are doing. You are the one who said, ‘Our presidential candidate is Recep Tayyip Erdogan’ four years after saying this, ‘Everyone can be president in the Republic of Turkey, you can’t be, O Erdogan’. How clear is it? For example, those who came to this rally were clear last time as well. You know, Tayyip Erdogan, could not be president? Will they say “Government Garden”? Your decision was very clear. This Justice and Development Party was the biggest disaster that has ever happened to this country, saving Turkey was your honor.’ Now they are the first to announce the candidacy of Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and they are proud of him. His decisions were clear. These words of the MHP, which has made the biggest U-turns in history, are worthless.


  • Head of religious affairs! A madman, Halil Konakçı, continues to lead the Ankara Melike Hatun Mosque. There he threatens him, here he calls for sharia. The last time he returned, he said shamelessly ‘we now see the clothes that our grandfathers did not see 100 years ago in the bedroom…’ The President of Religious Affairs! It targets the body of the women of the Republic of Turkey.

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