‘Health crisis’ report from CHP’s Gamze Akkuş İlgezdi

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and the AKP government, who said to the resigning physicians, “Let them go” and the AKP government, defended that one of the areas in which they were most successful was “health”, while many hospitals in Turkey were disrupted, and medical devices were left to “rot.”

CHP Deputy Chairman Gamze Akkuş İlgezdi examined the hospitals across Turkey and reported the shortage of doctors and the departments that were closed due to this. The following findings were included in the “health crisis” report presented by İlgezdi to CHP Chairman Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu:

Temporary solutions in Bursa: One of the lecturers in the pediatric oncology clinic of Uludağ University Medical Faculty Hospital in Bursa, Turkey’s fourth largest province, has been on a report for a long time. The other one resigned and went to a foundation university. Clinics managed with temporary solutions are victimizing patients. When the lecturer in the pediatric neurology department of the same faculty retired, the problem of specialist physicians arose. The partition is being kept open with a workaround. The rheumatology service at Çekirge State Hospital is closed. City Hospital and the hospital in Çekirge do not have a gastroenterology specialist. Departments without specialists cannot serve.

Shipment from Burdur to Isparta: Since there is no angio unit in Burdur State Hospital, sublingual pills are given to those who have had a heart attack and sent to Isparta. Patients can die on the way before reaching Isparta.

Departments of Çanakkale without a doctor: There is no pediatric cardiology department in Çanakkale State Hospital. In Çan district, cardiology, neurology, chest diseases, ENT, infectious diseases, neurosurgery, radiology departments are without doctors. The situation is the same in the departments of gynecology, cardiology, neurology and chest diseases at Gelibolu State Hospital. There are no cardiology and chest diseases doctors at Biga State Hospital. At Yenice State Hospital, gynecology, pediatrics and general surgery departments are also without doctors. Since there is no ENT doctor in Ezine State Hospital, the department is out of service.

There is no intensive care in Hakkari: There are no gastroenterology physicians and cardiovascular surgeons in Hakkari, and there is no pediatric intensive care unit. The children are taken to Van, four hours away. Although it is a conflict zone, there is no plastic surgery specialist. No patient has been treated in the burn unit to date.

Devices are rotting in Kars: Many departments in Kars are closed because there are no doctors. No physician has come to the oncology department since its establishment. Devices bought for millions of dollars seven years ago were left to rot. Since there are no lecturers in departments such as neurology, psychiatry, dermatology, thoracic surgery, infectious diseases, nuclear medicine, physical therapy and rehabilitation, pediatric surgery, rheumatology, endocrinology, gastroenterology, hematology, geriatrics and pediatric emergency services are not provided.


When the endocrine doctors left at Istanbul Gaziosmanpaşa Training and Research Hospital, and when the rheumatology doctor left at Gaziosmanpaşa Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Hospital, these departments were closed. All orthodontists at Okmeydanı Oral and Dental Health Hospital resigned, the department is out of service.

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