The prosecutor turned out to be a drug lord: He used the police as a courier

Prosecutors and police officers came out of the drug operation last week in 4 provinces based in Konya.

According to the news of İlker Turak from Sabah newspaper, the Konya Narcotics Branch Directorate teams stopped the vehicle with the courier at the city entrance upon a tip.

Examining the suspicious F.K’s Whatsapp messaging application, the police found that the Public Prosecutor Osman Yarbaş, who is working in the Adana Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office Terrorist Crimes Investigation Bureau, gave instructions to F.K about drug shipments.

Konya Police Department and Konya Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office deepened the investigation after the digital materials were seized.


After 8 months of studies, it was also determined that prosecutor Yarbaş bought a car from his high school friend in Antalya and used this vehicle for drug shipment.

It was determined that Yarbaş gave instructions to the members of the organization before the drug shipment, met with the courier who would deliver the drugs, and instructed the courier on how the delivery would be.

It was determined that the leader of the organization was the Public Prosecutor Osman Yarbaş, the deputy leader of the organization was Cahit Kutluk and Semiyan Kutluk.

In the operations carried out in 4 provinces based in Konya, 20 people were detained. 14 suspects were arrested. Public Prosecutor Osman Yarbaş was suspended by the Board of Judges and Prosecutors. An inspector was appointed by the HSK for the investigation of Osman Yarbaş.

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