Pass-guaranteed Osmangazi Bridge burns citizens’ pockets

The bridges and highways built by the AKP government with the build-operate-transfer model continue to burn the citizens’ pockets. One of them is Osmangazi Bridge. A daily guarantee of 40 thousand vehicles was given for this bridge. While the cars are crossing the bridge, they pay 184.5 TL. The guarantee payment amount of the bridge was determined as 41.25 dollars and 8 percent VAT.


Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Council IYI Party Group Spokesperson Suat Sarı evaluated the bridge fees in the world over the Osmangazi Bridge. Yellow gave an example of the 55-kilometer Macao Bridge in China. Chinese drivers pay $23 for the 55-kilometer Macao Bridge, while citizens in Turkey pay $54 for the 2.7-kilometer Osmangazi Bridge. According to this calculation, the toll is equivalent to 0.41 cents per kilometer on the Macao Bridge and $20 per kilometer on the Osmangazi Bridge. Sarı said, “The vehicle carrying fresh agricultural products crosses the bridge in China free of charge. While Osmangazi Bridge is 2.7 kilometers, the toll is 54 dollars. 184 TL paid by the owner of the vehicle. The difference paid by the state to the contractor is 723 TL. The total guarantee payment is 904 TL.


In addition, those who go from Istanbul to Karamürsel using the Osmangazi Bridge have to pay twice as much on their way back. A citizen said that when he passed the Osmangazi Bridge in the direction of Karamürsel, he paid a fee of 184 TL for the connection road and 12 TL for the connection road, and 370 TL in the direction of Istanbul. Yurttaş stated that when he called the operating company on the subject, he received the answer “Sometimes such mistakes happen”.

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