He should apologize to the Iraqi people and pay compensation

Iraqi Foreign Minister Fuad Husseinmade remarkable statements about Turkey.

Fuad Hussein, Turkeyof, Iraqin the north of “Stop its military operations and apologize to the Iraqi people” wanted.

Hussein, “Turkey and the PKK are bringing their internal conflicts and conflicts to the territory of the Kurdistan Region. Turkey should stop its military operations in Iraq, apologize to the Iraqi people, pay compensation to the families of the martyrs and wounded, and compensate them.” used the phrases.


Fuad Hussein, Turkey Iraqi Kurdish Regional Government He stated that he would resort to all diplomatic means to stop the military operations of the KRG and Iraq.

Hussein, “The issue of self-defense is a legal duty and part of international law” stating that, “The Turkish government and the Turkish army say they will defend themselves. But peacefully bombing a village and killing civilians and tourists is not self-defense.” said.

Emphasizing that Turkey and Iraq are in cooperation in various fields, Hüseyin always tried to solve the problems between Turkey and Iraq. “dialogue” stated that they have taken the option as the basis.

Hussein also “Continuation of military operations on Iraqi soil is unacceptable. Military operations and the conflict between the Turkish army and the PKK are basically an internal conflict, they were exported to the KRG and Iraq. The results are a disaster for the Iraqi people,” he said. said.


It is connected to Derkar town of Zaho district of Duhok province of Iraq yesterday. “Perex tourist village” He was attacked at noon.

As a result of the four shells that hit the touristic village, 9 people were killed and 31 injured.

Terror supporter and affiliated media organs, especially some social media accounts of Turkey. “It targeted civilians with the bombardment it organized in Dohuk” claimed.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the subject “Turkey is ready to take any steps to reveal the truth. We invite the Iraqi government officials not to make statements under the influence of the rhetoric and propaganda of the treacherous terrorist organization, and to cooperate in revealing the real perpetrators of this tragic incident.” made a statement.

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