‘Do we have a student friend who can bring down the top person?’

Özgür Kaya, Salim Zeybek and Erkan Irmak, the ‘private imams’ of the Fethullahist Terrorist Organization (FETO), broadcast live on the Youtube channel called “Hizmet Hezimet”.

According to the news reported by Odatv, Özgür Kaya made the following confessions regarding the evening of July 15:

“On the evening of July 15, I was in seclusion. That evening, our elder brother, our brother in charge of Turkey, called me through the application used by private units. He (he wanted) that our friends should not resist the soldiers, and that the soldiers should be dismissed wherever they were… I got the idea that ‘we’re in this business’.”


Özgür Kaya continued his words about what happened that evening as follows:

“I couldn’t admit to myself for a long time the statement he said right after. I didn’t share it with any of you, I couldn’t say it. Because this is really difficult. What he said to me that evening was ‘Do we have a student friend who is at the head of the institution you are in contact with and can bring down the person at the top? ‘ He asked me. So, we don’t mean taking it off the couch now. We don’t need to know much Turkish. It really froze my blood.

Since we stayed in Turkey, our older brothers who went abroad before 15 July are stumbling on. It’s easy when the salt is dry.”

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