Minister Yanik visited Haydar Aliyev’s grave, Martyrs’ Cemetery and Turkish Martyrs’ Monument

Minister Yanik, who came to Baku with his delegation, first laid a wreath at Haydar Aliyev’s grave in Fahri Hiyaban within the scope of the program to be held on 19-21 July. Yanik also visited the mausoleum of Haydar Aliyev’s wife, Zarife Aliyeva.

Sadakat Kahramanova, Deputy Chairman of the State Committee on Family, Women and Children Issues, accompanied Minister Yanık.


Burning, who came to the “Martyrs’ Veil” where the 20 January martyrs were found, left red carnations on the martyrs’ graves and laid a wreath at the “Eternal Fire Monument”.

Later, Yanik visited the Baku Turkish Martyrs’ Cemetery and laid a wreath on the memorial, and wrote the following in his diary:

“Our dear martyrs, the brave men of the Caucasian Islamic Army under the command of Nuri Pasha fought with the same spirit, just as the Turkish nation fought shoulder to shoulder against the enemy in 1915 in Çanakkale with their brothers who came to help from Azerbaijan and the Caucasus.

Our soldiers who fell martyrs in Azerbaijan are proof that the bonds of trust and strong brotherhood between Turkey and Azerbaijan will never be shaken. Today, the Turkish-Azerbaijani brotherhood and friendship is an example to the whole world. Turkey will always stand by Azerbaijan and will continue to show its unwavering support in all matters.

As we approach the 104th anniversary of Baku’s liberation, we once again realize the importance of keeping the cherished memories of our martyrs alive in our hearts forever. I commemorate our soldiers who sacrificed their lives without blinking, with respect and gratitude, and I wish that our unity, which is an example to the whole world, will last forever. Let the existence of the state of Turkey and Azerbaijan stand out. Bless your souls.”

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