CHP’s Ali Mahir Basarir criticized DMO’s report for 2021, came to power harshly: ‘Shameful’

CHP Mersin Deputy Basarir made a statement on the DMO’s 2021 sector report. Basar said:

“The tender of 8 billion 67 million was given with the direct procurement method. There is no competition here, there are no bidders, there is no open bidding method, there are jobs delivered to the address. In my country, the same method is used for the goods purchased for us by the State Supply Office, just as the tenders for Çanakkale Bridge, Osmangazi Bridge and airports of billions of dollars are delivered to the address with 21/b.


AKP has deleted a concept such as the Public Procurement Law from its lexicon. They are constantly giving jobs to Bilal Erdoğan’s father-in-law, provincial presidents, district presidents and supporters with these dirty tenders. But 84 million live in this country. Thousands of companies and tradesmen went bankrupt last year. Why didn’t you give them a job? Why is there no justice? If this is how you do tenders, abolish the Public Procurement Law. It’s a shame, it’s really embarrassing where we’ve come to.”

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