The fire has reached the settlements in Datça, the air and land intervention continues

Muglaof Datca For an unknown reason, a forest fire broke out in the Kocadağ location of the Mesudiye Mahallesi of the district. The flames spread in a short time with the effect of the wind. In the evening hours, the effect of the wind continues in the region, the fire response continues.

Datça District Governor Mesut Çoban said that 20 houses in the forest area above Mesudiye Neighborhood were evacuated due to the fire. Noting that two of these houses were damaged, Çoban also noted that 5 people, including 1 forest worker, were injured.

On the other hand, according to DHA, Hayitbuku BayThe flames approaching , proceeded parallel to 200 meters from the houses on the beach. Villagers responded to the flames that spread to the roof of a single-storey detached stone house in Hayıtbükü with water and hoses brought by tankers. The flames were extinguished before they completely engulfed the house. In addition, a building under construction in Döşemealtı and 4 houses near Hayıtbükü Bay were partially damaged in the fire. A total of 15 people staying in these houses were evacuated shortly before the flames reached.

Trying to control the forest fire in the Datça district of Muğla. According to the statement made by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, 10 aircraft, 16 helicopters, 107 sprinklers, 13 construction equipment and 595 personnel are involved in the fire. Municipal firefighters and soldiers also support the extinguishing efforts.

In the statement made by the General Directorate of Forestry, “The status of the fire is instantly transferred to our fire management center with UAV images. Air and land vehicles in the region continue to be dispatched to the fronts according to the progress of the fire. Please avoid activities that will create traffic on the roads in the fire zone!“The warning has been issued.

In the post shared on AFAD’s social media account, it was reported that the General Directorate of Security and the Gendarmerie General Command supported the fire response works carried out by the General Directorate of Forestry with personnel and TOMAs under the coordination of AFAD and the Governor’s Office, and Muğla Metropolitan Municipality and Marmaris Municipality with fire trucks and tankers.


Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Vahit Kirişci came to the fire area in Datça and received information about the works carried out. Minister Kirişci said, “Our technology is at the highest level. The artificial intelligence we use, our software, our hardware. We have seen worse in Marmaris, we are more comfortable here. Here we will get information about the latest situation. We will also have tried helicopters that can be used at night for the first time here. We will test if these work properly. We will try it here for the first time,” he said.


In the statement made by the Ministry, it was stated that the efforts to control the forest fire in the Kocadağ location of the Mesudiye District of Datça continue.

In the statement, it was noted that the first response to the fire was made in 14 minutes, “10 aircraft, 17 water-launched helicopters, 3 administrative helicopters, 156 water tankers, 19 water tankers, 29 construction equipment and 1138 personnel were dispatched to the region.‘ information has been given.

CHP’s ÖZTUNÇ: AKP’s incompetence is causing our forests and lungs to burn

CHP Deputy Chairman Ali Oztuncon its social media account, published a new image of the forest fire that started in Datça this morning.

Öztunç, to the image he shared, said, “The images from Datça are very bad. Unfortunately, once again, the firefighting is unsuccessful. We warned many times, we said ‘take precautions’, but AKP’s incompetence causes our forests and lungs to burn.”


IYI Party Chairman Meral Akşener evaluated the forest fires in Muğla’s Datça district and İzmir’s Çeşme district with her social media account.

Akşener’s sharing is as follows:

  • I follow the fires in Datça and Çeşme with great concern. We continue to hear the cries of our souls and watch our forests turn to ash, as the time allocated to the post-fire shows is not reserved for the precautions to be taken before the fire. What a pity.

LAST YEAR, 140 thousand hectares of forest area was damaged!

140 thousand hectares of forest area was damaged in the fires in July and August 2021, 4 more hectares were added to the forest area that was damaged in the fire in Marmaris in June. Moreover, it is predicted that the danger of forest fires will increase from the middle of this July.

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