Name change accepted in institutions

Institutions such as NATO and the Council of Europe, of which Turkey is a member, and the European Union, to which Turkey is a candidate for membership, changed the name “Turkey” to “Turkey” upon Ankara’s request. These institutions now use the name “Turkey” in their statements and documents. On the other hand, the country name “Turkey” continues to appear on the websites of the UK and USA governments, the two main English-speaking countries in the world. However, US Ambassador to Ankara Jeff Flake and British Ambassador to Ankara Dominick Chilcott used the term “Turkey” in their English speeches on the occasion of their country’s national days. It is seen that the British Embassy in Ankara has used the phrase “Turkey” in its recent English statements.

Turkey’s name change has not yet been accepted by the English international media. Agencies such as Reuters, AP, AFP and Bloomberg continue to use the name “Turkey” in their texts. It is noteworthy that “Turkey” continues to be used in the English pages of Al Jazeera, the broadcaster of Qatar, with which Turkey has close relations.


Since “Turkey” also means “turkey” in English, although various studies and calls were made for a name change from time to time, no official step has been taken so far. In addition, although there is no such ambiguity in expressions in languages ​​such as French, Spanish, and German, it was noteworthy that Turkey demanded the use of “Turkey” instead of phrases such as “Turquie”, “Turquia”, “Türkei” in these languages. This demand is justified by the Turkish authorities with the argument of “strengthening Turkey’s brand value”.

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