‘We will not experience similar scenes again’

After the heavy rain in Istanbul, many houses and workplaces were damaged as a result of the flooding of Haramidere in Esenyurt.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Deputy Mayor Selçuk Sarıyar stated that although Esenyurt is not one of the districts receiving the most precipitation, it is the region most affected by the rain.

Selçuk Sarıyar, Deputy Chairman of İBB, made a statement on the subject on his social media account.

The statement made by Sarıyar is as follows:

1- We have been on the field together with our İBB teams since last night. While we immediately intervene in the precipitation that our city receives at the level of natural disasters, which is above the seasonal norms, we continue to take measures against the next precipitation. I would like to share the details with you…

2- According to the data of AKOM, the regions that received the most precipitation were Sarıyer, Büyükçekmece, Şişli, Eyüpsultan. The good news: The infrastructure investments we have made in the past 3 years have prevented the occurrence of disaster scenes in all our districts. The negative effect of 100kg of rain per square meter is low.

3- The reason for this is that, as IMM, we have manufactured 1650 km of wastewater network and collectors and 150 km of storm water channels since 2019. In addition, 6km wastewater tunnel and 7km stormwater tunnel investment were made. 36 km of reclamation was carried out in 69 streams.

4- Unfortunately, although Esenyurt receives less precipitation than these districts, it has had extraordinary hours due to the flooding of Haramidere. In coordination with our IMM President and our managers, I was on the field with our teams in this process, together with our more than 3000 personnel.

5- We were with our citizens together with our Fire Brigade, İSKİ, Road Maintenance, İGDAŞ, İSTAÇ, Municipal Police, 153 On-Site Solution, Social Services and Logistics Support Centers.

6- In this context, we have completed our evacuation and cleaning works in the area, but we are serving 3 meals a day to our citizens staying in Mahir İz KYK Student Dormitory as their houses are affected by the rain. After the determination studies, we will provide 7.000 TL to our citizens who are victims.

7- We will immediately make the necessary investments with İSKİ so that similar scenarios do not occur. Because, within the scope of infrastructure investments to date, 596 m of stream rehabilitation and 2249 m of waste water collector have been completed in Esenyurt. 2534m of stream rehabilitation and 3229m of waste water collector will be done.

8- We aim to complete the flooded area of ​​1850 meters by the end of the year and the remaining part in 2024. Thus, we will not experience similar scenes again in Esenyurt, as in other parts of Istanbul.

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