We never accept the price of nuts under 4 dollars

CHP Deputy Chairman Seyit Torun came to his hometown Ordu to participate in the celebration programs within the scope of Eid al-Adha. Grandson was greeted by party members in front of his party’s district office in Ünye, where he came with Army Deputy Mustafa Adıgüzel.

Celebrating the holidays by visiting the tradesmen and citizens on Belediye Street, Torun went to a tea garden and chatted with the citizens there. Torun told reporters that there was an economic crisis in the country and that this situation was also reflected in the citizens’ holiday.

Grandchild, “Everywhere we go, people really talk about their problems after the feast. This negative situation in the country has really manifested itself everywhere. Even our expats say that they have difficulty in putting fuel in their grocery store, in the greengrocer, they have difficulty in shopping, they have difficulty in meeting certain needs. We have seen that in some of our districts in the past. Our districts, which we see densely, did not have that density this year.” said.

Pointing out that the hazelnut harvest period is approaching, Seyit Torun stated that no one can make the producer suffer, and said:

“We will start the hazelnut harvest in about a month. Right now, there are still certain speculations about hazelnuts. There are those who talk about the high yield and say that there is no buyer. This year, no one should even think about making the producer victim. All the burden, difficulty and distress of the economy is on the producer anyway. Even so, if a price is not given according to expectations, our citizens will ask the price of it heavily in the coming period. We warn you in advance. We never accept the price of hazelnuts under 4 dollars. The cost of the producer is obvious. We will follow up too.”

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