IYI Party has prepared an agricultural project for the producers left to their fate by the government.

IYI Party has prepared the “Ataturk Forest Farm (AOÇ) Agricultural Sciences Academy” project for the farmers who were abandoned to their fate, starting from the legacy of the great leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder of our Republic.

The project of the IYI Party aims to increase the productivity and profits of agricultural producers by producing under good conditions, with the latest technology, under the leadership of science. With the project, it is envisaged to end the approaches that leave the farmers to their fate and to turn the farmers into entrepreneurs and “main actors” with innovative practices in agricultural production. The party also plans to “end dependency on seeds and pesticides” with the project. The necessary information and equipment for these goals will be provided by the AOÇ Academy of Agricultural Sciences to be established. The activities of the IYI Party are as follows:

– R&D support: The Academy will be the center and brain of agricultural R&D. Producers will both benefit from new technologies in the world and reach the solutions Turkey needs in agriculture with national resources and national R&D support.

– Gene resources: Biodiversity, one of Turkey’s most important riches, is being damaged by the climate crisis and human-induced causes. It is possible to reverse this situation. The International Center for Biodiversity and Gene Resources will be established and action will be taken to bring back the gene resources taken abroad. Thus, the Academy will become a major agricultural technology base.

– Scientific studies: In the field of agriculture, the Academy will carry Turkey to its target of “Agriculture 3.0 and 4.0”. The environment, resources and opportunities will be provided to the owners of ideas and discoveries, agricultural producers and those who want to carry out scientific studies in the field of agriculture.

– Farmer-state hand in hand: It was pointed out in the project study that the costs of agriculture increased as a result of “unqualified management, uncontrolled exchange rate, arbitrary interest rates and unsuccessful economic policies”. In the project, it was stated that “farmer-state will work hand in hand for the highest yield”.


Spring of 1925… Atatürk invites agricultural experts to the mansion. He says he wants to start a farm. The work begins, Atatürk buys the lands piece by piece and establishes a farm. Here, groundbreaking studies are carried out in agricultural production and animal husbandry. Atatürk donated the farm to the Treasury in 1937 and entrusted it to his nation.

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