Disastrous accident in Eyüpsultan: Motorcycle stuck in the car!

The motorcycle with the plate number 34 DS 5682, which was traveling on the D-100 highway in the direction of Edirne and the name of the driver could not be learned, hit the car with the plate number 42 AHC 116, which was parked in the right lane due to a malfunction.


As a result of the collision, the motorcycle was stuck in the car. 4 people, including the motorcycle driver and 2 children in the car, were seriously injured.


Police, firefighters and 112 Emergency Service teams were dispatched to the scene upon notification. The injured were taken to the hospital to be treated after their first aid at the scene.

Due to the incident, traffic congestion occurred in the area. The vehicles involved in the accident were removed from the scene with the help of a tow truck.

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