Erdogan’s former doctor Turhan Çömez: I will come when Erdoğan leaves

Turhan Çömez, a former doctor and advisor to President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, made a statement about the “doctors’ migration” and his return to Turkey. Çömez answered questions about the agenda in the “Instant Headline” program presented by Tuncay Mollaveisoğlu on Tele 1.


Stating that there has been an influx of doctors and academics from Turkey to London lately, Çömez said, “Eight doctors on average go abroad every day. The children that Turkey’s best three or four universities have trained, equipped and graduated from for six years are leaving their country. I am friends with many of those who come to England. They all come because they are worried about the future of their children. In the last two years, 100 thousand people immigrated from Turkey to England with the Ankara Agreement. Turhan Çömez continued: “I even indexed my transformation to Turkey to the election. I will return to this country when Erdogan leaves power. Everyone tied their hopes and future to these elections. These elections are not just a presidential election, not a parliamentary election. Turkey’s fate will be voted. I also work abroad, please take care of the future of the country. Every vote you cast is vital to change the fate of this country.”

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