Tahir Çetin and Ali Faik Inter commemorated on their death anniversary

Tahir Çetin, the Chairman of the Independent Mining Business Union, and Ali Faik Inter, the miner, lost their lives in a traffic accident on the way back on July 9, 2021, after the miners’ march to Ankara last year. A commemoration program was held for Çetin and İnter in Beşyol, where the Soma Miner Statue is located, after the distribution of donuts in front of the Headquarters of the Independent Maden İş Union yesterday.

Anmaya, Nakliyat İş Union President and Secretary General of the World Trade Union Confederation Ali Rıza Küçükosmanoğlu, İnşaaat İş Union Member Denizlenen, DGD Union President Neslihan Acar, PTT Sen Representative Süleyman Şen, Pensioners Solidarity Union President Mahinur Şahbaz, CHP Manisa Deputy Vehbi Bakırlıoğlu joined.


Gökay Çakır, Chairman of the Independent Mining Work Union, said, “I met Tahir president at the mine. I worked together at the mine for 14 years. Tahir president was a really honorable, honorable and dignified friend. Until now, we established the Independent Mining Work Union after working at the mine for 14 years. Ali “I got to know Faik İlter here too. He was our heart and soul. We lost two of our friends,” he said.

Ali Rıza Küçükosmanoğlu, Chairman of Nakliyat İş and Secretary General of the World Trade Union Confederation, said:

“Let’s not forget that the leaders of the struggle in the working class, the leaders of the resistance, the leaders of the struggle, have an important place in terms of thousands of our fellow workers, especially in the mining industry, and in the history of the Turkish working class struggle. Because at a young age, the resistance of the working class struggle against yellow unionism, against capitalism. They have been the leaders of the revolt and resistance against the money-lords’ order. They have sacrificed their lives only for the interests of the working class, without any personal interest. In other words, there are buffoons who appear as a trade unionist, money-lords who appear as a unionist, and agents of the order within the working class. But against them too Our two friends are the names of resistance and struggle, because the main difference of both of them is that they put the interests of the working class first throughout their lives and struggles.”


CHP Manisa Deputy Ahmet Vehbi Bakırlıoğlu said:

“Today, we came together to commemorate the leader of the Turkish labor struggle in the struggle for rights and his two soldiers. Tahir Çetin did not have bodyguards like other presidents, he did not have office vehicles, he did not have a salary with many zeros. Tahir Çetin was a worker trying to make a living on his pension. Tahir Maybe Çetin didn’t have a bodyguard, Tahir Çetin maybe didn’t have a car, but Tahir Çetin had something that others didn’t have, he had a huge heart. I witnessed this, we were together for days. The working class labor movement in Turkey is very important a year ago. He lost his son. We were together with these people for a long time, we were together for days in Kırkağaç. There was something they said that day. He was saying, ‘There is no death for this cause, it’s a proud thing to die for.’ I call out to your work, be proud of your brother, I call to your wife, honor your husband, I call to your children, be proud of your father. I am calling out to Ali Faik’s mother, be proud of your child, be proud and call out to Soma, coal miners and workers in Soma. I will not extend my words too much, there is a poem written by Can Yücel after Deniz Gezmiş. Says Can Yücel, if it’s the longest run, of course it’s a revolution in Turkey, he ran his best one hundred meters. The struggle for rights in Soma is a labor struggle, which is a long marathon and still continues. What a beautiful hundred meters of this, these two people ran. May they rest in the light, once again I bow before their cherished memory.”


Construction Work Organization Officer Deniz Demokrat said, “Today, we continue to drag the struggle of our workers who are retired underground. He said, “If justice had been done properly, none of us would have had to drag this struggle. First of all, we are ready to change this justice system together with the unity of the workers, long live the unity of the workers,” he said.


Neslihan Acar, Chairman of DGD-SEN, used the following statements:

“It is very difficult to form a sentence. Because Tahir was our comrade, our soul, our liver, he was our leader. Again, Ali Faik was our comrade, he was our soul, he was our liver, he was our leader. Ali Faik and Tahir Çetin said that it is possible to revolutionize in this country without falling into poverty, that it can be resisted, that it can be resisted, that it can be resisted without crying and whining without taking shelter in the law. He showed that it is possible for him to win. We see the traces of Tahir’s Ali Faik in every worker, every parent, every young person we touch, everywhere we travel. We were running with Tahir Çetin when we were organizing the resistance. We said, ‘How will Tahir brother win,’ he said. ‘ We marched, we marched for two years, and we knew that the gain of the resistance today is possible by following the path opened by Tahir Çetin and Ali Faik.

Participants in the commemoration program went to the Soma Municipality Cemetery and left carnations on the graves of İnter and Çetin.

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