CHP’s Ahmet Akın examined the increasing energy expenditure of the citizens, took the report of the government

Turkey switched from a parliamentary system to a presidential system of government four years ago today. In the past four years, the energy bills of the citizens have increased exponentially. CHP Deputy Chairman Ahmet Akın drew the energy scorecard of the presidential system and included striking findings. Akın said, “The economy would fly with the new system, but the citizens who took flight had energy bills.” The highlights of Akın’s energy report are as follows:

– Raised 10 times: Electricity bills have increased 10 times in four years. The increase is 258 percent at the low level; In the high level, it was 400 percent. In July 2018, the bill of a family that paid 125 lira for a monthly consumption of 250 kilowatt-hours increased to approximately 350 liras after the price hikes, despite the same consumption.

– 16 hikes, one discount: The hikes in natural gas in the houses burned the citizens. Since July 2018, natural gas has been increased 16 times and reduced once in the housing tariff. Calculated cumulatively, the total increase was 362 percent. The reflection of 300 cubic meters of use, which corresponds to an average monthly consumption in cold weather, is approximately 350 lira according to the tariff dated July 2018; The amount of this invoice has exceeded 1600 lira today, without changing the usage rate.

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