What is e-Payroll? Has the e-Payroll been published? How to get e-Payroll?

After the announcement that July 2022 civil servant salaries will be deposited into accounts on July 8, civil servants are wondering when the e-payroll will be published.


E-payroll is an electronic media application that displays the salary breakdown over the internet. Civil servants can benefit from the e-payroll service. With the e-payroll service, it is possible to see all the changes in your salary. Payroll, state employees, namely civil servants; It is a document created for the salary inputs and outputs to see if there is any deduction on the salary and to follow the salary movements. In previous years, we had to wait in line for a long time in government office organizations in order to get the payroll document. In the rest of our article, we have explained how you can do this over the internet. As you know, we can do government office transactions over the internet. These processes include the payroll process, namely the e-Payroll process.


As it is known, civil servants payrolls are published one day before the salary days, that is, on the 14th of each month. Thus, civil servants have the opportunity to see the movements in their salaries. It is now possible to access the payrolls shared by the Ministry of Finance on the internet. The payrolls, which were opened for questioning of civil servants on the website of the General Directorate of Public Accounts of the Ministry of Finance for a period, can now be viewed on the e-Government system, not here. In order to make an e-Payroll inquiry from the e-Government Gateway, it is sufficient to enter your TR Identity Number and password.


First, go to Click on the “Login to the System” button at the top of the main page and log in with one of the e-government password, mobile signature, e-signature, ID card or internet banking options.

Then, type the service you want to receive from the e-service or search button. If you write e-payroll in this section, your information about e-payroll will appear in front of you. On the screen that opens, you can select the payroll you want.


Only civil servants subject to Law No. 657 can benefit from the said service. 4B, 4C or contracted civil servants cannot benefit from this system yet.

Thanks to this application, civil servants can see the payroll of the most recent month, as well as view the payrolls of the past periods. Therefore, in order to display the payroll in the e-payroll application, the desired year and month must be selected.

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